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About ScrapBaby Company

Always Working for a Clean Tomorrow

We are happy to announce that our waste management company, which was started in October 2021 by the youth of Kanyakumari district, is successfully passing its second year with more than 5000 customers, women and adults alike.

  • We buy all kinds of old Acker products, old furniture, old electronic waste products in commercial and residential areas.

  • We also sell useful products online and in our showroom

  • Our company was started by the youth of Kanyakumari district and give their best to make it more successful

  • We would like to inform you that soon our company is going to start its service all over Tamil Nadu

  • Our shop which started small in 2004 changed into Waste Management Company Pvt Ltd in 2021 and started its service in Kanyakumari district.

  • We collect scrap recycling
    materials, and export

  • We also sell used products. like furniture, electrics and recycling manufacturing materials..

  • Recycling Research center & waste management service

Manage Waste Effectively
and Reduce Environmental Impact

Team Behind Success

Expert Staff & Members



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Why choose in scrapbaby?

A fair price will be offered for the old products...
we will pick up and drop you off at your place.. All kinds of antique buying service in commercial and residential areas

  • your time keeping

  • clean your place.

  • fair price

  • fast service

  • good customer service

  • gurentee

  • goverment approved company

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